Acquisition Profile

CMC has launched an aggressive acquisition strategy and is looking for company that fit our acquisition criteria and owners who want to work for a smooth transition.

About Continental Materials Corporation

Founded in 1954 and based in Chicago, Illinois, CMC is a public company (Ticker: ”CUO”) and is the parent company of six wholly-owned subsidiary manufacturing companies in the building and industrial products markets in North America. Built historically through strategic acquisitions, CMC generates $155 million in annual sales and is majority-owned by the Gidwitz family.

Acquisition Strategy Objective

The Board of Directors of CMC and the Gidwitz family have authorized Uplift Partners and Ryan Sullivan to deploy capital toward the acquisition of 3 to 5 businesses in the near term. The criteria used for acquisition guidelines is very broad and is generally described below.

Target Criteria

  • Size – from $10m to $100m in Revenue
  • Profitability – 5% operating margin minimum
  • Business type – Light manufacturing, industry agnostic
  • Geography – Near major metro area in the United States
  • Risk profile – Stable returns
  • Management – Prefer continuity
  • Ownership – family or closely-held