We operate primarily in two industry groups, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Construction Products. We conduct business in two segments within each of the industry groups: the Heating and Cooling segment and the Evaporative Cooling segment in the HVAC industry group and the Concrete, Aggregates and Construction Supplies (CACS) segment and the Door segment in the Construction Products industry group.

For over 100 years, Williams has been a nationwide leader in quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products.
It all started in 1916, when Jesse Williams began manufacturing gas steam radiators in Los Angeles under the banner Williams Radiator Company. Our name and products have changed since then, but our values have stayed the same. Over a century later, Williams is still committed to offering high-quality, safety-tested HVAC products designed and built right here in the USA.
Williams has a proud history to look back on, but we find it’s better to look forward. All our products are manufactured using advanced, numerically controlled machinery to ensure that every product meets Williams exacting standards of precision and quality. Safety is our number one concern, so all our products are tested extensively according to specifications set by the National Bureau of Standards. All Williams Products are designed, tested, and manufactured at our state-of-the-art 400,000 square foot complex in Colton, California.
Over the years we’ve expanded our product line to include a full range of heating and cooling products to fit any residential or commercial need. Our product line-up includes gas and electric furnaces, fan coils, air handlers, dehumidifiers and air curtains
Williams Products have been featured in a variety of projects, many of which rank among the most prestigious of their kind in the world. Over the past century, we’ve aimed to treat you with the same respect and integrity that we put into manufacturing our fine products. Since 1916 we’ve offered an American product built by American hands, and we’re not planning on changing now.

McKinney Door & Hardware was started as a division of McKinney Concrete Products, Inc. in 1967. McKinney Concrete had already been in business for 12 years prior to that. In April 2002, Transit Mix Concrete Company purchased McKinney Door to compliment their own door & hardware division. In 2019, Continental Materials Corporation sold the Transit Mix Concrete but retained McKinney Door and hardware.

We specialize in hollow metal frames, hollow metal doors, wood doors, contract hardware and various building specialties supplied to the construction trade with an emphasis in the commercial and industrial market.

Throughout the years, we have grown to become a major supplier in the Southern Colorado and national market. We stock Steelcraft doors and frames, Schlage Locks, VT Industries wood doors, Stanley hinges, Norton & LCN closers, as well as panic devices and Rockwood door hardware. This allows us to provide excellent service to our customers. We have furnished doors, frames and hardware and specialties in most states in the Continental United States including Hawaii and the Philippines.

Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals with vast experience in all areas of the job phase from takeoff, bidding, detailing, submitting for approval and ultimately supplying your project on time. As evidenced by their longevity with our company, our employees are an integral part of the team and are the key to our success.

Since its founding in 1975, we have been at the leading edge of the evaporative cooler industry. With over 100 years combined experience in the industry, the management team has learned that the future of manufacturing in America will be in the hands of companies who recognize today the needs of tomorrow.

Some of the issues that we are addressing today include environmental protection, the development of a well-organized and motivated employee base, careful cash management, superior customer service and a competitive, quality product. All operational decisions, capital expenditures, and product design changes are being made with the future in mind. The future of the company. The future of the industry. And the future of our customers.

We are continuing to take the steps necessary to ensure our place as a viable resource for our customers for today and many years to come!

For over 20 years, InOvate Technologies, Inc. has focused on improving exhaust performance for residential clothes dryers.  Originating with the Dryerbox®, a transition duct receptacle that saves space and protects against crushed hoses, the South Florida-based company has a track record of patenting and licensing unique solutions that solve common dryer venting problems.  InOvate’s success has been rooted in the company’s ability to market directly to builders, architects, engineers, and contractors and pull those sales through over 2,000 HVAC supply houses nationwide. 

As growth continued, InOvate expanded its distribution channels and product mix to grow beyond new construction applications.  Service companies, property/facility managers, and retail consumers have all gravitated towards InOvate’s goods to maximize safety, efficiency, and enhance exterior aesthetics for existing single family and multifamily properties.  Today’s core product lineup includes The Dryerbox®, Dryer-Ell®, DryerWallVent™, DryerJack®, Defender guards, DryerFlex™, DryerPlacard, DryerClamp, and the LintAlert®. 

InOvate’s staff is driven by a customer-first mindset supported by an upbeat company culture that exudes an entrepreneurial drive.  The company takes pride in supporting American manufacturing as most of its products are made in the USA.  Looking forward, InOvate is poised to strengthen its position in new residential construction while growing exponentially in emerging verticals.